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Stream George Clinton & Parliament's First Album in 38 Years, 'Medicaid Fraud Dogg'

We want the funk, gotta have the funk.
Despite announcing his retirement from touring back in April, George Clinton and his legendary funk outfit, Parliament, are officially back after four decades. Today, the funk luminaries share their newest album titled Medicaid Fraud Dogg – their first full length project following Trombipulation released back in 1980. The project contains 23 tracks, including songs like “Antisocial Media,” “Loodie Poo Da Pimp,” “69” and “I’m Gon Make U Sick of Me” – the project’s debut single featuring Scarface released back in January.

Meanwhile, during a Reddit AMA earlier this year, fans asked George Clinton what music he was currently listening to in which he responded: “Flying Lotus, Cardi B, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z’s new album, Tra’Zae, and all that shit coming out of Atlanta, all that trap shit, I’m trapped in it. Medicaid Fraud Dogg, that’s on my mind right now”. Enough said, listen in below.