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George Clinton’s Parliament Release First Album In 38 Years Medicaid Fraud Dogg

George Clinton, funk legend and founder of Parliament-Funkadelic, also known as P-funk, has just announced and released a new album, Medicaid Fraud Dogg.

Parliament is a group of rotating musicians organized and operating under George Clinton. The group, formed in 1970, was so famous that they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997. They developed a unique form of funk music in the 1970’s that influenced the history of music forever. Their music draws on many sci-fi, psychedelic culture and eccentric fashion. He went solo in 1981. In his solo career, he influenced 90’s hip-hop, rap, and funk music.

They have announced the release of a new album, Medicaid Fraud Dogg, out today. This is their first release since their 1980’s album, Trombipulation, so this is a big deal. Clinton had an urge to “get this music out there” for the world to hear. Their work has influenced so many current artists today in pop, rap, and R&B. Even though they haven’t released any new music in a few decades, they recently sold out the Hollywood Bowl and drew large crowds at Coachella. Proof that no matter how long ago you released a hit, it will still be a hit.The album contains 23 new tracks, available in digital format now. The album comments on America’s corrupt system but does so with fun funk music. The 90’s influence is still there as the group talks about current corrupt medical politics. This message stands on tracks like “Insurance Man,” “Pain Management,” and “I’m Gon’ Make You Sick O’Me.”

“I’m Gon’ Make You Sick O’Me” is a grooving anthem with lyrics like “I’m gon make you sick o’me/ then I’m gonna give you the antidote,” inciting the hypnotic pull that Clinton and Parliament has on listeners and the addictive pull the government has over the people’s health.

George Clinton, who has announced his retirement from music within a year or so, but who really retires from the music industry? He will be remembered for tracks and albums like this.