Press Clipping
George Clinton returns to Parliament

Medicaid Fraud Dogg marks the return of Parliament after 38 years, and is also the record of farewell.
On May 26th, George Clinton's last world tour with his Parliament-Funkadelic took off from the Greek Theater in Los Angeles : in May next year the farewell to the scenes of the seventy-eight year old juggernaut will be consumed , after which his creatures will continue without of him. Before going on tour, however, here comes out, almost surprise, this gift: "I had to release this music, I felt the real creative urgency to give it to the world, now."
23 songs, almost two hours of music: Medicaid Fraud Dogg marks the return of Parliament thirty-eight years after Trombipulation . The ingredients: electronic, rap, irony and the dear, old funk.

Medicaid Fraud Dogg is the result of Clinton's frenetic activity, interrupted only by listening to Flying Lotus, Cardi B , Kendrick Lama and "all that trap stuff coming out of Atlanta. I'm trapped"; is a wild musical journey inside the modern American health machine, corrupt and voracious, almost a Clintoncare declined in titles such as "Medicated Creep", "Pain Management", "Psychotropic", "Insurance Man" and "I'm Gon Make" You Sick O 'Me ", the single that preceded the album, which is currently only available in digital version.

Time has passed but Sir Nose is still here to plant and Dr. Funkenstein continues to inoculate the funk virus in people's blood, Fred Wesley, Pee Wee Ellis, Greg Thomas and Benny Cowan are back, with their horns in to be the propellers to that P-Funk that accompanies us since 1970.
There is a lot of music, maybe too much, and inevitably the quality is fluctuating, but when the alchemy works, the old magic unfolds and then come the killer songs like "Mama Told Me", "Antisocial Media", a fierce and corrosive criticism of the Twitter addiction, "Proof Is In The Pudding", and the aforementioned "Pain Management", where we talk about "One nation under sedation" and no longer "under a groove".

Medicaid Fraud Dogg is the record of the return and at the same time of farewell: there will hardly be another record called Parliament, the joy is already veined with sadness. We cling once again to Clinton's words: "Funk will always be there when it is needed. You have to get out of your compulsions by dancing and you will need funk to do that. "