Press Clipping
Parliament's first album in almost 40 years is titanic and weird

This week saw the surprise release of Medicaid Fraud Dogg, George Clinton’s first new album in 38 years under the Parliament banner. And it’s a titanic, 100-minute record: dense, political, and vastly eclectic, drawing plenty of inspiration from modern artists along with the full spectrum of the group’s own legendary sound. Surprisingly, it’s “Psychotropic,” one of the album’s sparest, slowest jams, that’s grabbing me most right now. That might be because of my bias for early Funkadelic, which the song channels through the arpeggios and emotive guitar solos backing up its intimate female vocals. It doesn’t come close to approaching the cosmic majesty of “Maggot Brain,” but it builds something new and bewitching from those same vibes. [Matt Gerardi]