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Parliament, Medicaid Fraud Dogg Review

George Clinton and Parliament are back with their first studio album in thirty-eight years titled, Medicaid Fraud Dogg. Boasting a hefty track list of twenty-three new tunes and clocking in at almost-two-hours of funk! Some of the original band’s horn players are on the release: Fred Wesley, Pee Wee Ellis, Greg Thomas, and Benny Cowan. The music has all the elements one would expect, driving synth bass, funky grooves, great singing, full vocal harmonies and hip horn arrangements. One thing that is surprising is the amount of sound and lyrics that are influenced by todays music (pop and hip-hop) and current events. There are even some quotes from jazz tunes with the vocal and horn lines. There is enough funk and groove on Medicaid Fraud Dogg to keep the money maker shakin’ for years, definitely worth the wait. That’s the short of it!